Christmas at Stadshuskällaren

Christmas smorgasbord 2023

Father Frost has a firm grip on Stockholm and the cold wind is blowing around the City Hall. The door to Stadshuskällaren is ajar and as you enter the grand hall, the sweet smell of mulled wine, Christmas food and festive music welcomes you.

”Stadshuskällarens” classic Christmas smorgasbord or buffet is served, from the last weekend of November. It is a traditional Swedish Christmas smorgasbord that also offers surprises. The whole buffet is divided in three parts, a buffet of pickled herring and cold meats, delicious hot dishes and a “gottebord” of sweets and cookies. Every course and plate is composed and prepared in our kitchen with sustainable and carefully selected ingredients. The whole restaurant is ”dressed” in Christmas and the historic rooms is decorated with Christmas flowers, garlands, Christmas trees and trimmings.

Contact bokning@stadshuskä for more information and reservations.